Iwachu Cast Iron Pan

$ 92.00 USD

Ideal for everything from frying on a stovetop to baking in the oven, a high-quality cast-iron pan is an essential investment for every kitchen. This style is skillfully forged from robust Japanese iron that distributes heat evenly along its surface. With just a little oil, its naturally nonstick surface can sear a steak or bake a cobbler with equal ease. Versatile and practically indestructible, this classic skillet is an indispensable cooking companion for life.

About Iwachu
A master maker of tetsubin - iron teapots - since 1902, Iwachu is one of the biggest names in cast iron cookware. Every piece created by their artisans offers a grounded aesthetic rooted in traditional craftsmanship and informed by generations of experience. By embracing their past, their workshop is able to produce beautiful, long-lasting ironware with a human touch.

Materials: Cast iron
14.4" L (with handle) x 8.5" D x 1.5" H
Large: 16" L (with handle) x 9.75" D x 1.5" H
Care: Scrub lightly with warm water. For stubborn food remnants, use a touch of dish soap and a nylon scouring pad. Always thoroughly dry pan after each use, apply a light layer of vegetable oil with a towel, and store. Do not put pan in the dishwasher or soak in water. Dry immediately after use to prevent rust.
Morioka, Japan