Usuda Wooden Bowl - Ash #1

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Bring a piece of Japan’s legendary forests into your home with this tactile bowl from woodworker Kenji Usuda. This one-of-a-kind live edge wooden bowl is turned from hard Tamo wood (Japanese Ash) and is perfectly sized for displaying fruit and nuts or tossing together your favorite healthy salad. It is pleasingly smooth to the touch and coated in food-safe walnut oil and beeswax.

About Kenji Usuda
“Living in the woods, thinking of the woods, creating in the woods.” Kenji Usuda is an award-winning woodworker that creates meticulously crafted pieces in a studio located within a forested plot of land he purchased near his home in Shimakawa-cho, Hokkaido. In his effort to restore the vibrancy of his forest, he thins trees that he then uses in his craft. 

Materials: Tamo (Japanese Ash)
Dimensions: 9.65" x 8.27" x 4.33" 
Care: If you need to wash, wash with a minimum amount of detergent and dry thoroughly afterward. Please do not put in microwave oven or dishwasher. If needed apply walnut oil or beeswax.
Hokkaido, Japan