OHTO Ballpoint Pen

$ 12.00 USD

As you pick up the OHTO Ballpoint Pen for the first time, you begin to understand why the brand enjoys such a large cult following. With its timeless design and sturdy construction, this writing implement is clearly build to last - which is good, because the smooth clicking action and effortless ink flow will have you reaching for it again and again. Available in three eye-catching colors with an optional refill.

About OHTO
Since its founding in 1929, OHTO has been one of Japan's most important stationery manufacturers. Although its writing instruments are hard to find in other countries, OHTO is known within Japan as the first company to create a ballpoint pen there, and its products are prized by stationery aficionados the world over for their traditional aesthetic and thoughtful construction. OHTO's goal is to perfect common writing instruments in the belief that high-quality everyday tools help us lead happy, productive lives.

Materials: Metal, oil-based ink
Dimensions: 5.35" L x 0.4" D
Tokyo, Japan