Hirali Tenugui

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A longtime fixture in Japanese homes, the tenugui is an all-purpose textile with as many applications as you can imagine. Add a reversible Hirali tenugui to your wardrobe as a bold accessory, or repurpose it as a table runner your friends will love. Give a tenugui as a decorative gift, or grab one to dress up your bento box. When used as a towel, tenugui soak up moisture quickly and dry nearly as fast - thanks to the lack of a hem - making them handy additions to any kitchen or bathroom. Try a tenugui for yourself and experience a perfect combination of function and form.

Learn about the craft behind the creation of Hirali textiles and the inspiration for their vibrant motifs in the rikumo journal.

Please note: Tenugui are purposefully designed without hems, which means that some initial fraying is normal. Do not pull loose threads; instead, trim them with scissors. The frayed edge will develop a natural fringe over time.

About Takeno Senko
From its location in Sakai City - the Town of Tenugui - dyeing company Takeno Senko is perfectly positioned to create top-quality textiles, and it doesn't disappoint. Only a few short years ago, Takeno Senko's artisans perfected their method of creating reversible textiles by roll printing different colors on each side of thin cotton fabric, a feat no other company has managed to match. The result is Hirali, a collection of towels, tenugui, and stoles that boast one-of-a-kind designs made nowhere else in the world.

Materials: 100% cotton
Dimensions: 35.43" L x 13.39" W
Care: Hand wash separately from other fabrics, as some dye may transfer. Hang dry in a shaded spot. Avoid bleach or brightening agents. Ironing at a high temperature may cause discoloration.
Osaka, Japan