Chidoriya Pure Camellia Oil

In the Heian period (794-1185), camellia seeds were used as shampoo ingredients for their natural skin conditioning and balancing properties. Today, oil is commonly used in Japan to moisturize skin, hair, and cuticles, and can be used for a number of skincare treatments. Camellias are naturally packed with oleic acids that are extremely compatible with our own skin, sinking deeply into dry skin for profound hydration.  It also makes a fantastic carrier oil for essential oils like the Chidoriya Pure Hinoki Oil or the  Chidoriya Rosehip Oil

Established in 1949, Chidoriya creates organic skin care products using traditional Japanese ingredients with a modern twist.

How to Use
Skin Care: Spread a small amount in hands and apply to face in light, upward strokes. For instructions on how to make a gentle facial massage using camellia oil, read our Journal
Hair Care: Apply 1-2 drops to the palm of your hand, and rub your palms together. For damaged tips, apply oil to the ends of your hair, working your way up using your fingers like a comb. For dry scalp, start at the nape and gently massage towards the ends of hair using both hands. Mix with Chidoriya Rosehip Oil to heal extremely damaged hair. 

Materials: camellia sinensis seed oil
Volume: 1.8 oz

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