Chidoriya Essential Oil - Hinoki

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Transport yourself to a Japanese forest with the bracing scent of fresh hinoki. Hinoki oil is pressed from the wood of treasured Japanese cypress, which is commonly used in the construction of temples, sacred shrines, and baths throughout Japan.  Its distinct forest scent is said to promote deep relaxation and relieve stress; it is also the most well-known of the Japanese native oils. This multipurpose essential oil can be used with an aroma diffuser, in the bath to improve circulation, or mixed with a carrier oil for a personal fragrance and massage oil for hair and skin. 

Made with all-natural materials, not tested on animals.

About Chidoriya
As beautiful and mysterious as a delicate flower, Japanese geisha were once revered for their immaculate skin and refined beauty. Inspired by their secret skincare routines, Chidoriya has been creating natural and organic skin care products since 1949. Each product is made by hand in the USA using traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques passed down through the generations. Learn more about Chidoriya and their rich history on our Journal. 

Ingredients: 100% Pure Hinoki Essential Oil. 
How to Use: Add a few drops to the bath or an aroma diffuser. To create a body fragrance or aromatic massage oil, mix with a carrier oil like the Chidoriya Pure Camellia Oil. Please do not apply essential oil directly on the skin without diluting it first, as it can cause irritation and inflammation.    
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Made in the USA