Camphor Wood Bath Salt

$ 27.00 USD

The Camphor Bath Salts are made from camphor essential oil blended with natural mineral salt gathered from the Tibetian lake plains. This combination of mineral salts and relaxing camphor offers relief from stress and anxiety, assists with muscle and joint pains, and naturally soothes irritated skin. The natural minerals found in the salt deeply warm and relax your body, while the invigorating scent of camphor refreshes the senses.

About Camphor
Camphor oil is a natural insect repellent found in the wood of the camphor laurel, a large evergreen tree native to Asia. A natural disinfectant, its bracing, cedar-like fragrance stimulates the mind and the senses.

KUSU HANDMADE was created to celebrate Japan’s largest hardwood, the mighty camphor tree. Camphor (Kusunoki in Japan), is a highly revered tree with powerful aromatic leaves that yield an oil used since ancient times as a medicine, incense, and as a potent insect repellent. KUSU HANDMADE extracts their own in-house camphor oil to create honest products that will uplift your senses and ease your spirit.

Ingredients: camphor oil, natural lake salt
Volume: 200g 
Saga, Japan