Camphor Air Mist

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Made with camphor essential oil and purified water, this atmospheric air mist has a light, woody scent derived from 100% natural ingredients. Spray in any room to enjoy the calming and refreshing aroma of Japanese camphor trees.

KUSU HANDMADE was created to celebrate Japan’s largest hardwood, the mighty camphor tree. Camphor - called kusunoki in Japan - is a highly revered tree with wonderfully aromatic leaves that yield an oil used since ancient times as medicine, incense, and insect repellent. The experts at KUSU HANDMADE extract their own in-house camphor oil to create honest products that uplift the senses and ease the spirit.

Ingredients: Ethanol, purified water, camphor water, camphor essential oil
Volume: 300 ml (dispenser); 250 ml (refill)
Saga, Japan