Botanical Air Essential Oils

Our essential oils are extracted by capturing aroma compounds from plants, fruits, and other natural resources with steam. From citrus to cedarwood, these oils create a tapestry of aromatic impressions that lift your mood, restore your energy and combat stress. 

Volume: .33 oz

Cedarwood Cypress: A brightening, clean scent reminiscent of a forest shower, cypress has historically been used for centuries as a cleansing incense for South Asian civilizations.
cedarwood, cypress, spearmint essential oils

Eucalyptus Lavender: A soothing, spring-like scent. Studies have shown that lavender aids memory retention and has a calming effect on those suffering from anxiety. Eucalyptus has a fresh and clean aroma that opens up airways and helps with congestion. 
Ingredients: eucalyptus, lavender, rosalina essential oils

Bergamot Mandarin: Known as “the sunshine oil”, bergamot is produced from orange rind, and along with mandarin has a clean and zesty scent. The combination is believed to inspire positive energy and uplift your mood. 
bergamot, orange, mandarin essential oils

Ylangylang Citrus: Ylang Ylang is a tropical flower with a rich and romantic aroma that is believed to relieve blood pressure in aromatherapy. Yuzu, a citrus fruit native to Japan that tastes not unlike a combination of lemon and grapefruit. Together they form a brightening, romantic scent that refreshes and energizes your environment. 
Ingredients: ylang ylang, grapefruit, lime essential oils

Frankincense Thyme: A clean, dry aroma with pepper and spicy tones. Frankincense has sedative qualities that give a feeling of inner peace and help the body to sleep better, while thyme has an herbal scent that acts as a memory booster and antidepressant.
Ingredients: frankincense, lemon thyme, bergamot

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