Kamawanu Tenugui - Check

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Lend a pop of color to your daily life with the Kamawanu Tenugui, a type of textile woven from 100% cotton, cut by hand and expertly dyed. The Kamawanu collection is created using the traditional chusen method first practiced during Japan's Meiji era more than a century ago and features colorful patterns that call to mind traditional and contemporary Japanese prints. Its multipurpose nature makes the tenugui perfect for use as a tea towel, placemat, table runner, head scarf, tapestry, lunch tote, gift wrap… the possibilities are endless! This style depicts a brightly colored interwoven design.

Learn how to use tenugui towels to wrap bottles, lunches, and much more in the Rikumo Journal.

Please note: Tenugui are purposefully designed without hems, which means that some initial fraying is normal. Do not pull loose threads; instead, trim them with scissors. The frayed edge will develop a natural fringe over time.

About Tenugui
A tenugui is a thin Japanese textile that typically measures 35 cm in width and 90 cm in length. Like furoshiki, tenugui can be used to wrap gifts and other items, but they have many more uses besides: In some households, tenugui function as absorbent and fast-drying towels and washcloths, and their vibrant patterns make them well-suited to decorative roles as table runners, placemats, wall hangings - the sky’s the limit! For this reason, tenugui are often given as gifts or souvenirs by travelers returning from Japan.

Materials: Cotton
Dimensions: 35" L x 13" W
Care: As this product is hand-dyed, it may experience some color loss or bleeding. Hand wash separately with cold water and mild detergent. Note that the edges of the tenugui are seamless, meaning that either end will initially fray with use. The fraying process will stop after a small fringe forms; in the meantime, trim any loose strings with scissors. 
Tokyo, Japan