Architecture Series Incense, 50 Long Sticks

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Traditionally used for court ceremonies and meditation, incense is an integral part of Japanese identity and culture. The Silence fragrance from Tennen's Architecture Series is at once warm, sweet and seductive. 

Contains 50 sticks of incense. Each stick burns for approximately 25 minutes.

About Tennen
Founded in 2001 by Ethan and Sarah Wessel, Tennen is a multidisciplinary architectural firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. After becoming dissatisfied with the lack of beautiful, functional incense burners in the US, the pair devised their own, eventually partnering with Kyoto-based makers to bring incense to their line as well. From buildings to aromas, Tennen projects find their inspiration in the culture and aesthetic sensibilities of Japan - especially honesty of materials, minimalist leanings, and an appreciation for the changing of the seasons.

Dimensions: 5.25" L
Burn Time: Approximately 25 minutes
How to Use: Light the tip of the incense, then blow out the flame immediately. Keep away from flammable objects. To not leave unattended while in use.
Kyoto, Japan