Iwachu Zakuro Cast Iron Teapot - Navy

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Bring a little warmth to your kitchen with this modern kettle, skillfully crafted in a geometric style. A tetsubin, or cast iron tea kettle, was once a status symbol of emperors and scholars. Today tetsubins are important parts of the Japanese tea ceremony, and tetsubin craftsmen take at least 15 years to master the trade. Forged by hand in the workshops of Iwachu, this small style is perfect for an individual, well-steeped cup of your favorite tea.

About Iwachu
A master maker of tetsubin iron teapots since 1902, Iwachu is widely recognized as one of the best cast-iron craftsmen in the world. The artistry of each piece is rooted in its traditional Japanese craftsmanship: led by generations of ironsmiths, their workshop produces beautiful, long-lasting ironware with a human touch.

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Materials: Cast iron
Dimensions:L: 6.10" x W: 4.33" x H: 7.87"
Volume: 1 liter
Care: Rinse with just warm water, no soap. 
Morioka, Japan