Morihata Ceremonial-Grade Organic Matcha

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Our bestselling line of ceremonial-grade organic matcha offers a way to experience the popular beverage as it was meant to be enjoyed. Typically reserved for traditional tea ceremonies - solemn rituals led by masters of the art of tea - ceremonial-grade matcha is the result of a labor-intensive process that focuses on bringing out the best qualities of green tea. These ceremonial-grade matchas are grown on the revered tea fields of Uji and are certified organic by the USDA and KOAA (Kochi Prefecture Organic Agriculture Certification Association). Enjoy this time-honored beverage on special occasions or as part of your regular routine.

Sei - Classic Ceremonial-Grade Matcha
A versatile organic matcha you can enjoy every day. Equally suitable for cooking or drinking, Sei lets you experience the joy of matcha in all its forms.

Waka - Traditional Ceremonial-Grade Matcha
The quintessential ceremonial-grade matcha. With a deep, mellow taste and smooth finish, Waka’s delicate flavors are ideal for matcha enthusiasts.

Jun - Premium Ceremonial-Grade Matcha
The purest expression of ceremonial-grade matcha. Jun is well-suited to traditional enjoyment and features a vivid hue and delicate flavor that are prized by tea masters the world over.

About Morihata Organic Matcha
The complex and full-bodied beverage known as matcha is one unique to Japan, where it has gained a level of appreciation typically reserved for fine wines. Each Morihata ceremonial-grade organic matcha is grown in Uji by master cultivators, then harvested at very specific moments in springtime and slowly ground (at a rate of only 30 grams per hour) into one of three grades.

Materials: Powdered organic green tea (Camellia sinensis)
Volume: 30 grams
Uji, Japan