Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

This stainless steel kettle has a wide bottom for rapid heating. Many features of the kettle are handcrafted and exhibit the simplicity and practicality that Yanagi's designs are known for. Each kettle is made in Niigata, Japan, a region famous for its high quality stainless steel objects. This kettle has been Yanagi's best-selling product since its debut in 1994. 

Winner of the Japanese Good Design Award, 1998.

Legendary designer Sori Yanagi’s kitchen tools embody his values of simplicity and practicality. Influenced by the Japanese folk art movement and modernist ideals, Yanagi’s designs celebrate organic form, beauty and efficiency. 

Materials: stainless steel
Dimensions: Height: 9" Diameter: 7¾"
Care: Dishwasher safe.
Niigata, Japan

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