SSC Featherweight Cast Iron Frying Pan

$ 124.00 USD

Light. Weight. Cast. Iron. The Featherweight Cast Iron Pan from Sanjo Special Cast is the fruit of centuries of metalworking advancements by the metallurgists of Tsubame Sanjo. This collection of frying pans features walls measuring only 1.5 mm in thickness, resulting in a pan that's barely half the weight of traditional cast iron cookware yet retains the same superior heat-conducting properties. Somewhat smaller than typical pans, the Featherweight Cast Iron Pan is designed to move seamlessly from a compact oven to the tabletop. Its high walls ensure food stays put, and the sloped lip allows for easy transfers from pan to plate.

Each Featherweight Cast Iron Pan is preseasoned and ready for immediate use. These pans are also safe for all cook surfaces. Please note that the pans have a heat-resistant silicon coating to ensure longevity.

About Sanjo Special Cast
Sanjo Special Cast (SSC) is located in Tsubame Sanjo, a town in Niigata Prefecture that is synonymous with metalworking. Their invention of a ductile, graphite-rich FCD cast iron material allows for the creation of extremely strong yet thin cookware that boasts top-quality heat retention and distribution at a fraction of the weight.

Materials: FCD Cast Iron, heat-resistant silicon coating, silicon handle cap (heat resistant to 250°C)
Small: Inner diameter: 7.9", Length (with handle): 13.25", Depth: 2.1", Weight: 1.75 lbs
Medium: Inner diameter: 9.5", Length (with handle): 14.8", Depth: 2.2", Weight: 2.2 lbs
Large: Inner diameter: 10.25", Length (with handle): 15.6", Depth: 2.3", Weight: 2.43 lbs 
Care: After first use, wash well using detergent, then dry immediately and thoroughly. On subsequent uses, clean with a non-metallic scrub brush using no detergent while the wok is still warm, again drying immediately and thoroughly. Please see our rikumo journal entry for more tips on caring for your cast iron cookware.
Tsubame Sanjo, Japan