Fuapri Cookie Cutter

$ 20.00 USD

Easily personalize your baked goods with the Fuapri Cookie Cutter, available in 9 intricate designs. Each cookie cutter is made from FDA-approved PLA resin, an eco-friendly material created using plant-derived lactic acids, such as the starch found in corn and potatoes. Cookies not your thing? These cutters can also be used to make eye-catching ceramics!

Try your favorite design with this sugar cookie recipe or any other cookie that holds its shape well.

About Fuapri
With nothing more than a wish for fun cookies and a 3-D printer, the founder of Fuapri set out to create a unique method of self-expression all could enjoy. Today, the brand offers more than 100 different designs, adding a dash of whimsy to any cookie recipe.

Materials: PLA resin
Dimensions: Varies; 1.8-4.1" L x 1.6-2.75" W
Care: Hand wash and dry thoroughly. Not microwave- or dishwasher-safe. Heat resistant up to temperatures of 140° F; do not place near fire or expose to bleach.
Kobe, Japan