Yamada Linen Furoshiki - Shape and Line

$ 78.00 USD

Designed by master dyer Nobuyuki Takai, this Yamada Linen Furoshiki features a lively interplay of shapes and lines carved into the printing block by Takai's own hands. Tied at the corners, this furoshiki works as anything from a scarf to a bag to a novel wrapping for gifts and can be hung in the home as organic decoration.

About Musubi Furoshiki
The designers and weavers at Musubi Furoshiki have specialized in the creation of this signature Japanese textile for more than 80 years. Through frequent collaborations with artists in a variety of media, they combine disparate art forms into versatile furoshiki that can serve as eye-catching bags, scarves, wall hangings, gift wrappings, and much more. 

Find some tips on getting the most from your furoshiki in this video from Musubi.

Materials: 100% linen
Dimensions: 39.35" L x 39.35" W
Care: Due to linen's tendency to shrink in the wash, dry cleaning is recommended as needed.
Kyoto, Japan