Wool Cotton Slab Socks, Charcoal

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Cotton and wool combine to create a pair of warm yet substantial socks. By gently twisting both threads, Nishiguchi Kutsushita combines the best qualities of each material to make a yarn that envelops your feet with softness and warmth. Best of all, they get softer and softer with each wear.

About Nishiguchi Kutsushita
Established in 1950, Nishiguchi Kutsushita crafts socks that are sure to take a place in your heart. Under their concept of “Hakuhito Omoi”, they carefully consider the wants and needs of their customers before setting out to exceed them. With a meticulous eye for quality, materials, and design, they make world-class socks while refusing to cut corners. 

Materials: 57% Cotton, 38% Wool, 4% Polyester, 1% Elastane
Dimensions: See Chart
Care: Wash separately and hang dry.
Nara, Japan


US Women: 6 - 8

US Men: 5 - 7


US Women: 8 - 10

US Men: 7 - 9


US Women: 10.5 - 13

US Men: 9.5 - 12