Sake Kasu Milk Bath + Face Mask

$ 11.25 USD

Like many great discoveries, the life-changing benefits of sake kasu were revealed by accident. Old and wizened sake masters have long been known to have baby-soft, wrinkle-free hands. As it turns out, working with koji (an enzyme- and amino acid-rich mold used in making sake) helped to inhibit the production of melanin, the main cause of sunspots and freckles.

One of the byproducts of sake production is sake kasu, residual yeast (also called lees) that contains all of the nutrients and leftover koji from the sake-making process. This Sake Kasu Milk Bath + Face Mask contains two bags of sake kasu that can be sprinkled into a bath or made into a paste for a rejuvenating face mask. This product does not contain alcohol.

About Chidoriya
As beautiful and mysterious as a rare flower, Japanese geisha were once revered for their immaculate skin and refined beauty. Inspired by their secret skincare routines, Chidoriya has been creating natural and organic skincare products since 1949. Each product is made by hand in the USA using traditional Japanese ingredients and techniques passed down through generations. Learn more about Chidoriya and their rich history in the rikumo journal.

Ingredients: 100% organic sake kasu (lees); does not contain alcohol
Size: 2 packets, 9g each
Milk Bath: For a relaxing sake kasu bath, sprinkle one pack into a full bathtub. Stir the water thoroughly and enjoy a soothing soak.
Face Mask: To create a calming sake kasu face mask, add 1 tbsp of sake kasu to 2 tbsp of water, then combine into a paste. Gently apply the paste to the face, being careful to avoid the eyes. Leave on for 5-7 minutes, then rinse well with lukewarm water.
Made in the USA