Makanai Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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The Makanai collection was designed to be "the standard of the future" by one of Japan's best stainless steel producers. This mixing bowl features smart design elements, like stainless steel for easy cleaning, a lightweight design for reduced physical effort, and a small diameter for faster frothing. The elegant silver steel and minimalist shape makes it equally suited for cooking or serving. Makanai mixing bowls are designed to pair with the Makanai Flat Strainer, sold separately.

About Conte
Conte is the culmination of the words con meaning "together" and te meaning "hand". Just as a meal is lovingly prepared by a cook's own hands, Conte's stainless steel products are made by the many hands of its steel craftsmen. Their Makanai collection is made in Tsubame, Niigata, which is famous for its stainless steel production.

Materials: Stainless steel
Small: Diameter: 5.5" Height: 3"; Capacity: 168g
Medium: Diameter: 7.5" Height: 4"; Capacity: 315g
Large: Diameter: 8.8" Height: 4.9"; Capacity: 462g
Care: Dishwasher safe. 
Niigata, Japan