Chidoriya Secret d'Ange Body Lotion

This luxurious body cream combines organic shea butter and raw sesame oils to protect and revitalize damaged skin. Sesame is an antioxidant rich in calcium, magnesium and minerals like iron and zinc, helping to create natural collagen in the skin and protect cells from the sun. A soothing blend of frankinsense, neroli, and rose essential oils pampers the skin with natural calming, anti-aging properties. With a firm texture, the Chidoriya Secret d'Ange body cream melts into your hands, creating a buttery layer that deeply moisturizes and revitalizes all skin types.  

To improve circulation and reduce swelling, take a small amount of cream into your hands and rub against your palms or fingers (the shea butter will melt naturally when exposed to body heat). Massage into skin slowly. 

Ingredients: organic shea butter, sesame oil, pure essential oil blend of orange, frankincense, neroli, patchouli, rose, rosewood, sandalwood
Volume: .5oz/4oz

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