5 Elements Soy Candles

Japanese philosophers view the world as having five unique elements: air, earth, fire, sky and water. These elements are commonly used throughout Buddhist architecture and now have inspired this line of pure soy candles. From spicy to refreshing, each scent plays a vivid illustration of each symbolic element. Every candle includes a Zen poem and arrives packaged in a matte black handcrafted box. 

Air: A fresh, citrus-esqe combination of eucalyptus, yuzu rind (Japanese grapefruit), and ginger.

Earth: A warm mix of cedar, jasmine, and fig notes.

Fire: A slightly spicy combination of ginger, rose, and quince.

Sky: A simple floral aroma of jasmine, acacia, fresh grass

Water: A refreshing combination of cucumber, watercress, mint

Materials: soy wax
Dimensions: Height: 3½" Diameter: 3¾"
Burn time: 60 hours

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