Nankei Banko Yaki Crackle Tea Cup

$ 36.00 USD

This versatile vessel adds joy to the simple act of drinking. It sports a unique ‘crackle’ finish that is expertly applied to the surface by a difference in contraction between the base material and the glaze. As you use it, pigments will continue to be deposited in the grooves making it more beautiful with age. Made in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture by Nankei Seizoen, a small Banko Yaki producer that has been operating since 1913.

About Banko Yaki
Based in the Mie Prefecture, the art of Banko Yaki is a traditional ceramic technique that is entrenched with Japanese culture. Dating back to the 18th century, Banko Yaki ceramics offer unique heat resistance and a beautiful but practical composition in muted, earthy colors. These pieces continue to honor an ancient art in a modern world by reshaping the past to fit the needs of the future.

Materials: Stoneware
Dimensions: 2.99” W x 2.95” H
Volume: 8.11 fl oz (240ml)
Care: Because the glaze contains cracks, please treat with extra care. Use neutral detergent for cleaning and avoid abrasive sponges. Thoroughly rinse, drain, and dry between uses.
Yokkaichi, Japan