Bamboo Matcha Whisk, Masuho

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The bamboo matcha whisk, also known as chasen, is traditionally used to prepare matcha tea in the Japanese tea ceremony. It is made by taking a piece of Henon bamboo and splitting its upper base by hand into extra-fine rods. Those rods are then shaved into thin tines that produce the frothy consistency matcha. The unsplit part of the bamboo forms the whisk handle, a reminder of the past life of this artful tool. Every part of the making process is done by hand with careful precision and focus. The thoughtful nature of its craftsmanship ensures the highest quality drinking matcha, making the chasen an essential utensil for tea connoisseurs and budding masters alike.  

The Masuho Matcha Whisk has a curved bell shape that is ideal for preparing both usucha (light, or “thin” matcha) and koicha (strong, or “thick” matcha that is shared between several guests). Crafted by hand, the Masuho Matcha Whisk is designed for use by the Urasenke tea school.  

Dimensions: Length: 5", Width: 2 1/2"
Care: Hand-wash only with no soap or detergents, and dry immediately after each use. When making matcha, be careful not to use too much force and scrape the bottom of the cup  with the tips- because this will cause them to bend or break. Since bamboo is a natural material, minor fraying of strands may occur over time- prolong the lifespan of its tines by storing it on a ceramic whisk stand.
Nara, Japan