JW Maru Plate

$ 9.00 USD

In most cases, a patina is the mark of a time-honored object, its complex coloration a sign of longevity and consistent care. Through the careful application of subtle shades of glaze, the craftspeople at Tojiki Tonya have managed to create the look of well-worn and much-loved tableware without the need for years of use. Embrace the idea of graceful aging with the JW Maru Plate, a versatile dish with a low-walled design ideal for containing otherwise messy meals. Pairs with our JW Choco Cups.

About Tojiki Tonya
The name Tojiki Tonya encompasses several ceramic companies based in the Tokai region, where the craft has been a point of local pride for more than a millennium. These pieces are selected for their unique value as thoughtful artisanal products in a world dominated by mechanized production methods. Experience the benefits that only centuries of practice can provide.

Materials: Clay, food-safe glaze
5.6 cm: 2.2" D x 0.7" H
10 cm: 3.95" D x 0.85" H
16 cm: 6.6" D x 0.95" H
24 cm: 9.35" D x 1.05" H
Care: Microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe. Hand wash gently and dry thoroughly before storing. Not for use over an open flame.
Yokkaichi, Japan