Mishim Cake Pedestal

$ 230.00 USD

Part of the studio's Fractal series, the Mishim Cake Pedestal is a marriage of discrete aesthetics: the crackling, textured glazes found in Japanese kairagi ceramics and the classical shapes common in Western architecture. Each pedestal comes in two pieces - a platter and a base - making it simple to lift off your baked goods for easy transportation or quick storage in the fridge. Add a dash of regal nobility to your next baking triumph.

Please note: To achieve the unique crackled texture of Mishim ceramics, the glaze is applied as thinly as possible. This may make it easier for oils to penetrate the glaze and stain the product. To be safe, consider using a layer of paper between the pedestal and baked goods, and avoid leaving in direct contact with oil for extended periods. Please contact us at info@rikumo.com with any questions.

About Mishim Pottery Creation
By design, no ceramics from Mishim ever remain the same for very long. The studio's artists employ materials that develop with age, allowing their works to take on a new depth of character with the passage of time. By partnering with kilns that have seen use for more than 700 years, Mishim takes that time-honoring philosophy a step further, offering heirloom-quality pieces that carry the past within them. See the full Mishim collection here.

Materials: Clay, glaze
Medium: 9.55" D x 0.45" H (platter), 5.4" D x 3" H (stand)
Large: 11" D x 0.5" H (platter), 6.15" D x 4.25" H (stand)
Care: Hand wash with gentle detergent, then dry thoroughly. Not oven-, microwave-, dishwasher-, or freezer-safe. Note that chips in the glaze are expected during production but should not happen afterward.
Saitama, Japan