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If you were to close your eyes and picture an ideal environment for meditation or quiet relaxation, a TOHAKU Candle would fit the scene perfectly. This unscented candle's minimalist design is eye-catching yet unobtrusive, and its hollow wick - made from dried rushes wrapped around a washi paper core - produces an extra-bright flame. Each candle also features a hole in the base to help secure it to a candle stand.

Please note that the medium size comes as a set of two candles. Candle stand sold separately.

Designed for use with the KOMA Candle Stand. See the full Takazawa Candle collection here.

About Takazawa Candle
With a history that stretches back to the 19th century, Takazawa Candle is the last of the old candle-making companies that once filled the port city of Nanao. Still they keep the traditions of their craft alive, employing age-old techniques to produce candles made entirely of plant-based materials that burn bigger and brighter than those of their contemporaries.

Materials: Sumac wax, rushes and washi paper wick, cardboard box
Medium: 4.35" L x 0.75" W; Bottom hole: 0.25" D
Large: 5.5" L x 0.95" W; Bottom hole: 0.25" D
Use: The smaller TOHAKU candle burns for a little over 2 hours; the larger burns for approx. 4 hours. Do not leave unsupervised when lit.
Nanao, Japan