CDT Brush Sign Pens - 10-Pack, Assorted Colors

$ 29.00 USD

Breathing new life into a classic is never easy, but Craft Design Technology has done just that with their re-imagining of this versatile writing and drawing tool. The CDT Brush Sign Pen features a flexible tip that allows for fine lines and sweeping curls with each stroke, lending an air of individuality to any message. With a sleek body dyed byakuroku - a traditional Japanese color - these pens make for excellent gifts or everyday implements.

About CDT
Stationery company Craft Design Technology combines modern sensibilities with the Japanese heritage of impeccable craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics. Their unique blend of tradition, innovation, and simplicity has been turning ordinary office supplies into minimalist works of art since 2005.

Materials: Plastic, brass, nylon
Dimensions (pack): 6" x 8.6" x 0.4"
Tokyo, Japan