Cultivate & Eat Planting Set - Shungiku Chrysanthemum Greens

$ 10.00 USD

Shungiku is an easy-to-grow type of edible chrysanthemum that brings a distinctly aromatic signature to a wide variety of dishes. The young tender leaves can be eaten fresh, blanched, or in stir-fries, and since this is a chrysanthemum, it will produce adorable yellow flowers that attract your favorite pollinators (the petals are also edible and make a great garnish!). This ingenious cultivation kit includes seeds, peat mix, and growing instructions, all packaged up and tied in the style of a traditional Japanese rice bag.

About Cultivate + Eat
When we grow our own food, we become more attuned to our ecosystem, strengthening the relationship between our food, our earth, and our bodies. Cultivate + Eat is an effort to get involved in every step of our meal, starting from the very beginning. Their kits contain rare Japanese seeds you can grow right at home to make delicious Japanese dishes. Just add water directly into the paper bag (it is lined with plastic to prevent decay) and begin to grow your own greens, transplanting to a larger pot when ready. 

Contains: Shungiku Seeds, Peat Mix, Set of Instructions
Dimensions: Length: 5.5" Width: 3.4” 
Care: Add water directly into the paper bag, transplanting to a larger pot when ready.