Writable Washi Tape

$ 6.50 USD

For decades, washi tape has been a mainstay of the crafts and stationery worlds. The many colorful designs available today can help turn the mundane into works of art, and with so many styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. The new writable washi tape from MDS provides even more opportunities to customize your next project, thanks to a soft rice paper surface that provides an excellent medium for drawing or leaving messages. Now available in three varieties - Ruler, Music Staff, and 3mm Grid.

About MDS
A longtime Japanese manufacturer and supplier of stationery and office supplies, MDS puts its decades of experience to use to create high-quality notebooks, greeting cards, washi tape designs, and other paper goods for professionals and craft fans the world over.

Materials: Washi paper, adhesive
Dimensions: 0.6" W x 23' L
Tokyo, Japan