Shikoku Straw Trivet

$ 28.00 USD

Hand-woven by skilled craftspeople and still smelling of fresh hay, the Shikoku Straw Trivet brings a decidedly natural element to the dinner table. Its thick construction ensures that hot cookware stays well away from vulnerable surfaces, and the variety of sizes available allows you to adapt to any meal. Perhaps best of all, however, is the way this beautifully dappled trivet looks hanging on the wall within easy reach, serving as both functional kitchenware and organic decor.

About Shikoku Straw
The straw comprising the Shikoku Straw Trivet comes from an unusual species of a common staple crop: purple rice. It is from this inky foodstuff that the trivet gets its distinctive color, making it a dye-free - and therefore truly natural - material.

Materials: Straw
Small: 5.7" D x 0.9" H
Medium: 7.5" D x 0.9" H
Large: 9.05" D x 0.9" H
Care: Keep dry. Store away from humidity.
Miyagi, Japan