Botanical Air Essential Oil

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These essential oils are created by using steam to capture the naturally fragrant compounds found in plants, fruits, and other botanical wonders. From citrus to cedarwood, each blend imparts an aroma that can lift the mood, soothe the mind, or replenish energy levels.

Botanical Air - Eucalyptus Lavender
A soothing, spring-like scent that combines lavender's natural calming effect with eucalyptus's ability to help open your airways.
Ingredients: Eucalyptus, lavender, Rosalina

Botanical Air - Bergamot Mandarin
Known as the "sunshine oil," bergamot is produced from orange rind, and - along with mandarin - has a clean and zesty scent.
Ingredients: Bergamot, orange, mandarin

Botanical Air - Juniper Cedar
Juniper Cedar features a slightly citrusy character mixed with the earthy notes of a forest floor.
Ingredients: Juniper, cedarwood, petitgrain 

Botanical Air - Pine Hinoki
Citrusy pine and bracing hinoki create a scent to ease you into relaxation.
Ingredients: Pine, hinoki, eucalyptus

Botanical Air - Bergamot Lavender
Sweet and soft, Bergamot Lavender is both calming and uplifting.
Ingredients: Bergamot, lavender, coriander

Botanical Air - Grapefruit Herb
Bright grapefruit and an herbal combination of lavender and thyme create clarity.
Ingredients: Grapefruit, spike lavender, lemon, thyme

About @Aroma
@Aroma is a design studio devoted to creating unique fragrances for public and private spaces. An international leader in the field of Scent Architecture and Design, @Aroma blends the essences of native Japanese plants to weave tapestries of aromatic impressions that will set your mind adrift through the fields and forests of Japan. The studio's goal is to bring fragrance to the forefront of high design - something they have accomplished for clients like Volvo, Lufthansa, Mercedes Benz, and Palace Hotel Tokyo.

Volume: 0.34 fl oz (10 ml)
Directions: Store in a cool, dark place. Avoid using near an open flame. Do not apply directly to the skin without a carrier oil. If spilled, wipe up immediately.
Made in Japan