Shirt Stripe Towel

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A favorite of new parents, minimalists, and frequent travelers, the extra-compact Shirt Stripe Towel is designed for portability and easy storage. This collection comes in two sizes: a mini washcloth and a compact bath towel perfect for travel or small children. This style features an absorbent, tightly woven front and a looped terry pile back, available in a variety of candy-colored stripes that brighten up any environment.

About Yoshii
Yoshii towels are constructed in the traditionally slim and compact Japanese style and are known for their unrivaled softness and fresh stylings. Each towel is woven in Imabari from hand-picked, twisted-ring Shankar 6 cotton threads, which are massaged down, puffed, and combed twice for ultimate softness. Their exciting designs and low-chemical manufacturing process make these lightweight towels visually striking, highly absorbent, and fast-drying - in other words, perfect for daily use.

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Materials: 100% cotton
Washcloth (S): 10" L x 10" W
Hand Towel (M): 31.5" L x 13.38" W
Compact Bath Towel (L): 47" L x 20" W
Care: Machine wash on the gentlest setting using cold water and a mild detergent, preferably in a mesh laundry bag to avoid pulling. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners. Hang or tumble dry low. Do not stretch when wet.
Imabari, Japan