Tanaka Turquoise Vase - Tall

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This beautiful bud vase is handmade by artist Keiichi Tanaka. Bathed in a vibrant turquoise blue, this simple vessel echoes the bright optimism of ancient Egyptian and Turkish pottery. Explore Tanaka's full line here.

About Keiichi Tanaka
The work of Keiichi Tanaka stems from a lifelong fascination with the often-overlooked beauty of functional objects. Inspired by the visual poetry of agricultural implements, Tanaka creates softly textured glazes and unexpected shapes for otherwise common objects. His rustic-yet-contemporary work invokes an atmosphere of, as he puts it, "time accumulation" - the sense that an object could be equally at home in a long-ago past or a not-so-distant future. Tanaka has exhibited his art widely throughout Japan and Europe and currently lives in Saitama, Japan.

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: 2" D x 5.5" H
Saitama, Japan