Turquoise Arc Earrings

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Two gentle arcs of gold stretch back from stones of pure turquoise to form elegant earrings that hang in place without the need for a back piece. The artistry of creator Tats Otake is evident in this pair of handmade accessories from his studio, 8.6.4 Design.

About 8.6.4
At his Brooklyn-based studio, Japanese artist Tats Otake crafts exquisite jewelry using some of the world's rarest resources, from traditional metals like gold and silver to less conventional materials, such as opal and pearl. Each handmade piece from his 8.6.4 brand is a product of the moment of its creation - and, like that moment, truly unique.

Materials: 14K gold, turquoise
Total length: 2.125" (20 gauge)
Turquoise: Approx. 5mm
Care: Handle with care, as the design is fairly delicate.
New York City