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Vintage Waffle Towel - rikumo japan made Vintage Waffle Towel - rikumo japan made
Vintage Waffle Towel
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Mannish Towel Mannish Towel
Mannish Towel
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Chambray Block Towel Chambray Block Towel
Chambray Block Towel
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Shirt Stripe Towel - Rikumo Shirt Stripe Towel - Rikumo
Shirt Stripe Towel
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Square Towel - rikumo japan made Square Towel - rikumo japan made
Square Towel
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Hirali Kitchen Towel Hirali Kitchen Towel
Hirali Kitchen Towel
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Shukin Towel - Rikumo Shukin Towel - Rikumo
Shukin Towel
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Puchi Puchi Towel, Black - Rikumo Puchi Puchi Towel, Black - Rikumo
Puchi Puchi Towel, Black
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2.5-Ply Gauze Towel 2.5-Ply Gauze Towel
2.5-Ply Gauze Towel, Navy
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2.5-Ply Gauze Towel 2.5-Ply Gauze Towel
2.5-Ply Gauze Towel, White
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Japanese Towels

The right towel can accent your home with captivating visuals that promote serenity. Our towels are imaginatively stylish and luxuriously soft; we believe they have the power to transform the interior of your home. With a texture, color, and soothing weave for every skin type, you will find exactly what you need to uplift your rooms with Rikumo. 

We proudly present woven blends and inspired textures from the finest towel designers in Japan. Each hand-selected style that we offer won’t be found in your average home goods store. Our artisanal partners take pride in using traditional weaving techniques, softer materials, and sustainable practices that respect every thread of cotton and linen.

While exploring our vibrant collection, discover kitchen towels and luxurious bathing towels that are: 

  • Crafted with masterful technique: Many of our finest towels, such as our Imabari towels, are crafted on vintage, low-speed looms to preserve the delicacy and high quality of the threads. 
  • Sourced with sustainability in mind: Our pure cotton and garment-quality linens are sourced conscientiously for spa-like softness you can feel good about. 
  • Designed to last: Attentive weaving care and low-volume production ensure that each hand towel is durable and dependable for years of soothing utility.
  • Versatile for any theme: Our innovative collection features a broad selection of vivid tones, intricate patterns, and stunning visuals for accents that impress. Choose a set of coordinating hand towels to create a synonymous theme, or mix-and-match a beautiful variety of towel sizes for seasonal decorating, everyday use, and memorable interior design adaptations. 

Explore Our Collection of Authentic Japanese Hand Towels

Beyond the temporary trend, our timeless selection of Japanese hand towels transcends the bland. Each towel a canvas, a simple hand towel can be used to promote energetic balance, welcoming charm, and a softer aesthetic that invites you to relax and enjoy the moment. 

To find the perfect hand towels for your aesthetic and practical needs, our insightful design team is happy to share multipurpose recommendations. For instance, perhaps you need to find a capable set for daily kitchen demands, as well as an elegant set that is used to decorate for special occasions and holidays. With your specific theme, personal preferences, and interior aspirations always in focus, we can help you compare the best material qualities and aesthetic characteristics to accentuate your home with creative intention.

What Sets Japanese Towels Apart From Regular Towels?

Every weave is uplifted by gentle production practices, fine materials, and loom mastery for towels that last longer and feel better on your skin. In addition to the sturdy design elements, we exclusively partner with Japanese towel producers that blend traditional design philosophy with a modern twist on interior style. Together, timeless beauty and spa-like utility combine to create a personalized woven masterpiece. 

Our Hand Towels Are High-Quality & Long-Lasting

For bathing and restroom hand towels, we recommend refined styles like our Mannish, Gauze, or Imabari towels for a harmonious balance of softness, absorbency, and longevity. For the shower, indulge with a Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Facial Puff to maintain softer skin and brighten your complexion with every scrub. For kitchen duties and other functional purposes, we recommend a lightweight, absorbent, and quick-drying option like our Hirali, Linen50, and Moku Light towel for a pop of color and dependability. 

Get Your Japanese Towel Today! 

While exploring our vibrant selection, we would love to share our insights with you! In addition to our hand towels, we also offer Japanese scrub towels and Japanese exfoliating towels. Feel free to get in touch for interior design ideas, practical towel recommendations, and don’t forget to sign up for The Rikumo Rewards Circle before you checkout! 

Discover more about our products, collections, designs, and behind-the-scenes stories by contacting us here.