Greige Towel

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Taking its name from a melding of "grey" and "beige," the Greige Towel is considerably more interesting than either, with shades of warm, cool, and neutral colors displayed in a modern cubist arrangement across the towel's thick, downy surface. Its muted palette helps this textile's otherwise eye-catching design blend into a variety of settings, and with a texture akin to our amazingly soft Palette Towel, the Greige line is perfectly suited to those with sensitive skin.

About Kontex
Gentle on the skin and kind to the environment, Kontex towels are crafted in Imabari, Japan, using centuries-old techniques, as they have been since the company’s founding in 1934. Each towel is made from fine, garment-quality thread gently woven on traditional low-speed looms to achieve unparalleled softness, then washed in snowmelt from the slopes of Mt. Ishizuchi. The end result is a towel that’s incredibly absorbent, surprisingly compact, and free from impurities - the perfect addition to any kitchen or bathroom.

Learn how to choose the perfect Japanese towel in the rikumo journal.

Materials: 100% organic cotton
Washcloth (S): 14.15" L x 13.4" W
Hand Towel (M): 31.5" L x 13.4" W
Bath Towel (L): 51.2" L x 27.55" W
Care: Machine wash on the gentlest setting using cold water and a mild detergent, preferably in a mesh laundry bag to avoid pulling. Avoid bleach or fabric softeners. Hang or tumble dry low. Do not stretch when wet.
Imabari, Japan