Tanaka Wall Vase - Long

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Sometimes the most beautiful works of art are the simplest. Handmade by Keiichi Tanaka, this rectangular, bridge-like vase holds just a few sprigs of flowers. Set it up on the wall and watch while the afternoon sun casts a shadow of its legs over the wall.

About Keiichi Tanaka
Keiichi Tanaka’s work spans from a lifelong fascination with the beauty of functional objects. Inspired by the visual poetry of agricultural tools and instruments, Takana creates softly textured  glazes and unexpected shapes for otherwise common-use objects. His rustic, contemporary pieces clash with archaic shapes to invoke an atmosphere of "time accumulation": hazy, textured objects that could be remnants of a long-ago past or a not-so-distant future. Tanaka has exhibited widely throughout Japan and Europe, and currently lives in Saitama, Japan.  

Materials: Clay
Dimensions: Length: 6” Width: 1”  
Saitama, Japan