Allex Matte Black Stainless Steel Scissors

$ 28.00 USD

Lightweight and sharp, the Allex Stainless Steel Scissors are designed to cut through miles of paper, plastic and even sticky surfaces like duct tape. Its blades are coated with Teflon for wear resistance, while the inside grips are cushioned with soft rubber rings for comfort. With a sleek matte black finish, the Allex Stainless Steel Scissors are a polished office accessory that looks as good on your desk as it does finishing your toughest projects.  

The Allex Stainless Scissors were introduced in 1974 and immediately won the Japanese Good Design Award for its ergonomic shape and quality of blade. Its classic design has remained unchanged ever since, becoming a standard office tool all over Japan. 

Materials: stainless steel
Dimensions: Length: 5½"
Gifu, Japan