Iwachu Cast Iron Sukiyaki Pot

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Dig in! This sleek shallow pot is specially designed for making and serving sukiyaki, a Japanese hot pot dish best enjoyed when shared. The smooth cast iron surface evenly distributes and retains heat long after it’s taken out of the fire, ensuring your sukiyaki stays warm and delicious throughout the meal. The even heat distribution is also essential for cooking meats and vegetables all in the same pot. Stylish and practical, this beautiful pot features a pair of curved handles that lay flat when not in use. Suitable for all stove types.

About Iwachu
A master maker of tetsubin iron teapots since 1902, Iwachu is widely recognized as one of the best cast-iron craftsmen in the world. The artistry of each piece is rooted in its traditional Japanese craftsmanship: led by generations of ironsmiths, their workshop produces beautiful, long-lasting ironware with a human touch.  

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Materials: Iron
Dimensions: Diameter: 10" Width: 9" Height: 2 ½”
Care:  Scrub lightly with warm water. For stubborn food remnants, use a touch of dish soap and a nylon scouring pad. Always thoroughly dry pot after each use, apply a light layer of vegetable oil with a towel, and store. Do not put in the dishwasher or soak in water. Dry immediately after use to prevent rust.
Morioka, Japan