Iga Donabe

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For a variety of soups, stews, noodles, and other hot pot dishes, meet your new best friend: the Iga Donabe. After its extraction from the Kobiwako Formation near Iga, Japan, the clay used to make this versatile cooking tool is shaped and fired through a method that produces a telltale glaze - the natural result of ash settling on the surface of the clay under extreme heat. Read more on the value of a good donabe in Bon Appetit or visit the rikumo journal for a few donabe-friendly recipes.

The Iga Donabe can be used over an open flame, in the oven, or in a microwave; not for use with induction stovetops. Note that the outermost layer may crack slightly during use due to a lack of petalite in the clay mixture; this is natural and should not hinder your enjoyment of the product.

About Tojiki Tonya
The name Tojiki Tonya encompasses several ceramic companies based in the Tokai region, where the craft has been a point of local pride for more than a millennium. These pieces are selected for their unique value as thoughtful artisanal products in a world dominated by mechanized production methods. Experience the benefits that only centuries of practice can provide.

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Materials: Heat-resistant Iga clay, food-safe glaze
Dimensions: 12.4” W x 10.25” D x 6.7” H; 2.3 liters
Care: Not dishwasher-safe. Hand wash, then dry immediately. Note that the clay is not entirely waterproof, so be sure to dry completely before storing. Do not cool the vessel rapidly, or cracking may occur.
Yokkaichi, Japan