Featherweight Cast Iron Wok

$ 170.00 USD

Meet what may just become your ultimate kitchen workhorse. This sleek unibody wok is made from nearly indestructible cast iron that ensures even heating and amazing heat retention, but the most amazing feature is its lightweight construction. At 2.0mm in thickness, it is light enough to toss and flip any stir fry you throw at it without breaking a sweat. The handle is completely hollow, further reducing weight.

The Featherweight Cast Iron Wok is preseasoned and ready to use immediately. It is safe for use on all cook surfaces and features a flat bottom so there is no need for a wok ring.

About SSC
Sanjo Special Cast (SSC), is located in Tsubame Sanjo, a town in Niigata Prefecture that is synonymous with metalworking. They have created a ductile graphite-rich “FCD” cast iron material that allows for an extremely strong yet thin and lightweight pan that retains superior heat retention and distribution.

Materials: FCD Cast Iron
Dimensions: Diameter: 12.2”; Length with handle: 18.62”; Weight: 4.19 lbs
Care: See our journal with tips for caring for cast iron.
Tsubame Sanjo, Japan