Higonokami Folding Knife

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This cult classic pocket knife has been produced in Japan since 1904. Made from carbon steel for strength, the Higonokami pocket knife features a hand-forged blade that folds into the base and a small latch to reopen it safely. The Japanese characters for Higonokami are engraved on the metallic base, letting you carry a little piece of Japanese history with you wherever you go. Not for use on a keychain.

About Higonokami Knives
In the 19th century, a blacksmith in Kyushu is said to have added a simple lever to a basic pocket knife to help open and close the blade more easily. The knife proved to be successful and a guild was formed to oversee the manufacturing of the knife. Only those belonging to the guild could manufacture the knife and use the respected name Higo No Kami, which translates to "Lord of Higo" in honor of the Lord of Kyushu. Today, each higonokami knife is still handmade by the last remaining maker in the guild, Nagao Seisakusho.

Materials: Nickel, carbon steel
Dimensions: Blade: 1.5"; Folded: 2.05"
Care: After use, wipe away any stains with a cloth and camellia oil or other anti-rust oils. Store in a place free from moisture.
Hyogo, Japan