Madoka Incense Holder

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For a novel way to enjoy the slow-burning beauty of Japanese incense, consider this Madoka Incense Holder from metalworking studio CK. Simply place a stick of incense into one of the three holes in the round base - each a different size to accommodate various types of incense - then set it on its side on the concave tray. As the stick gradually burns, the tray catches any ash for easy cleanup.

About CK Metalworks
While tradition is important to the artisans at metalworking studio "CK", they tend to take a less conservative view on the subject. Rather than limiting their techniques to those practiced by their predecessors, they view age-old cast iron crafting methods as living tools meant to enrich people's lives and see the possibility of new customs in contemporary techniques.

Materials: Cast iron
Dimensions: 9.45" L x 1.6" W x 0.5" H
Care: Wipe with a dry cloth as needed. Keep in a dry environment to prevent rust.
Yamagata, Japan