Japan Dry Garden Incense, 100 pc

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A Japanese dry garden is the most widely recognized of Japan’s gardening styles, utilizing rocks, moss, sand, and streams in a Zen-like composition. The scents in Tennen’s Japan Dry Garden series convey the serenity and inner peace we encounter when we stroll through an artfully arranged garden. Light a stick and feel the room become alive with the scents of verdant botanicals. The Japan Dry Garden incense pack includes 100 sticks of incense with a burning time of approximately 15 minutes each.  

Wandering Moss: Notes of earth, oakmoss, and cedar finish off the verdant aroma of petrichor.
Fallen Blossom: The fresh scent of gardenia conjure up a verdant landscape in our mind’s eye.
Mountain Stone: Cultivate a quiet atmosphere with the weathered scent of sandalwood and parchment.

About Tennen
Founded in 2001 by Ethan and Sarah Wessel, Tennen is a multidisciplinary architectural firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. After becoming dissatisfied with the lack of beautiful, functional incense burners in the US, the pair devised their own, eventually partnering with Kyoto-based makers to bring incense to their line as well. From buildings to aromas, Tennen projects find their inspiration in the culture and aesthetic sensibilities of Japan - especially honesty of materials, minimalist leanings, and an appreciation for the changing of the seasons.

Contains: 100 sticks.
Burning Time: Approximately 15 minutes.
How to Use:  Light the tip of the incense and blow out the flame immediately. Keep away from flammable objects.  
Kyoto, Japan