Hinoki Natural Incense

$ 20.00 USD

Valued for both its natural fragrance and innate beauty, hinoki cypress has been used in the construction of temples, shrines, and baths in Japan for centuries. On its own, this Hinoki Natural Incense offers the subtle, verdant scent of fresh-cut wood; light the tip, and it fills your space with the aroma of a crackling campfire.

Each set comes with a wooden stand and 8 incense sticks. Refill includes 16 incense sticks.

About Bee House
The eco-friendly wooden wares offered by Bee House are crafted from Hinoki cypress, an aromatic tree prized in Japan for its fresh, bracing scent. Its natural 
resin content prevents mold and mildew and resists bacterial growth. The lumber used to create each item is harvested as a byproduct of the forest-thinning process in Kochi, an area renowned for the quality of its Hinoki.

Materials: Hinoki cypress wood base, metal plate, hinoki incense
Stand: 3 ¼" L x 1 ¼" W x ¾" H
Incense: 3 ¼" L
Kochi, Japan