5 Elements Soy Candle

$ 46.00 USD

From spicy to refreshing, each scent in the 5 Elements Soy Candle collection provides a vivid illustration of its corresponding element. Every candle is made from sustainably sourced soy wax in the United States and includes a Zen poem packaged in a beautiful handcrafted box. Please note that each candle is sold separately, not as a set.

Earth: A warm mix of cedar, jasmine, and fig
Fire: A slightly spicy combination of ginger, rose, and quince
Water: A refreshing fusion of cucumber, watercress, and mint
Air: A citrusy blend of eucalyptus, yuzu (Japanese grapefruit) rind, and ginger
Sky: A simple floral aroma comprising jasmine, acacia, and fresh grass

About the Godai
As in many ancient cultures, Japanese philosophers once believed that the world was made up of a handful of unique elements: tsuchi ("earth"), hi ("fire"), mizu ("water"), kaze ("wind"), and sora ("sky," also called "heaven" or "void"). These classical elements are referred to as the godai and are common themes in Buddhist architecture.

Materials: Soy wax, essential oils
Dimensions: 3 ¾" D x 3 ½" H
Burn time: 60 hours
Made in the USA