Welcome to Rikumo

Since the post-pandemic opening of the Rikumo concept store on Lancaster Ave. in Ardmore,
we have been struck by the outpouring of love and support from longtime fans and newcomers alike.

From the first days of Rikumo, it has been our intention to offer artisanal wares that delight and inspire,
and to create an environment in which all feel welcome to indulge their inner design enthusiast.

We hope you will continue to come and explore our carefully curated selection of Japan-made home goods, accessories, stationery, and more,
just as we will continue to seek out new and exciting additions to the Rikumo lineup.


Please enjoy the space we've crafted in the spirit of omotenashi,
the heart of Japanese hospitality.


19 W. Lancaster Ave.
Ardmore, PA 19003

Open Tuesday to Sunday
10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

 (215) 609-4972

Explore a world of breathtaking Japanese arts and discover newfound inspiration for your interior design. We offer more than just a collection of home decor and furniture. Featuring an array of contemporary and timeless options suitable for every preference, East-meets-West interior elegance is redefined at Rikumo.

Japanese Store in Ardmore, PA

To promote a clean and capable aesthetic, our handcrafted selection in Ardmore, PA revolves around simple, striking, and useful product elements. Brighten the mood with an intriguing wall vase, highlight your furniture with a minimalist accent, or soothe your senses with bath accessories that transform your restroom into a spa-like oasis. 

While perusing our curated selection, discuss your interior aspirations with our decor and furniture specialists to master the design. Our dedicated interior style experts can help you: 

  • Restore interior balance: Replacing clutter with practical and beautiful pieces opens up the possibilities in any space. 
  • Find additions that align with you: Give your decoration deeper meaning with thoughtful guidance to establish an energy and ambiance that flows with your lifestyle. Our expansive collection features something for every modern, traditional, or mixed style. 
  • Enrich your daily experience: Our goods center on cherished moments in life. When your furniture, decor, and overall interior energy are properly calibrated for optimal form and function, the rest of your lifestyle benefits as a result. Whether you purchase an authentic Japanese towel set or an eye-catching tableware collection, our unparalleled craftsmanship and quality are destined to brighten your day. 

Explore a Wide Selection of Unique Products From Japan

Our decor and furniture store in Ardmore, PA is a bridge from traditional design to the latest in contemporary excellence. We exclusively partner with passionate artisans who are masters in their craft; from the authentic cast iron works of Iwachu to the meticulous woodworks of Morikougei, all selections at Rikumo honor Japanese heritage and embody the essence of beauty, quality, and simplicity.

Our Japanese store in Ardmore, PA is the first step towards a renewed and resilient interior lifestyle. Choose any room in the house; our life and home store accommodates creative items that introduce serenity, bold energy, and harmonious tones that serve as subtle accents or noticeable centerpieces. 

Japanese Home Decor 

When planning an optimized layout, consider the various rooms throughout your home and determine which areas could benefit from a declutter, a brighter ambiance, or a calmer space arrangement.

With your vision and ideal changes in mind, the next step is exploration at Rikumo. While browsing our collection or discussing your ambitions with our Ardmore team, use our unique home decor in King of Prussia, PA to: 

  • Improve your interior design plan
  • Infuse your home with contemporary, organic, and minimalist elegance
  • Enhance the energy of your space with original artisanal works
  • Spend less on the perfect interior finish; less is more with our minimalist styles 
  • Share the functional beauty with others; give a cherished gift of authenticity to friends and loved ones

Types of Furniture That We Sell

In addition to the finest Japanese decor in Ardmore, PA, our growing collection of custom works features prized furniture designs for a casual, luxurious, and contemporary finish. Leave the stress behind while lounging in our expertly crafted Yuragi Rocking Chair, or display your newest Rikumo vase atop the brightening Rays Side Table from Morikougei.

Like many of our multipurpose pieces at Rikumo that create harmony or contrast, our custom furnishings are available in cheery golden oak or deeper shades of walnut to promote a calmer ambiance. Whichever nature-inspired piece you decide is right for your space, it only takes a single update to revolutionize the feel of your home. 

Visit Us Today!

Even if you are exploring future design possibilities, our shop is a must-visit destination in the area! Visit for a heart-warming tea tasting, browse our shop’s newest releases, and learn more about the rich history of our Japanese crafts!