About Us

Concept  |  コンセプト

 Since its creation in 2009, the purpose behind Rikumo has not wavered. Our founder, Yuka Morihata, envisioned the brand as a door to the world of Japanese design, one that brings the peerless efforts of little-known artists and world-renowned craftspeople from the workshops of Kyoto and Imabari to the homes of design-minded people everywhere.

By connecting ancient techniques and the work they produce with a modern international public who appreciates beauty, quality, and simplicity, Rikumo continues to support the unique character and artistry of traditional Japanese design.

History  |  ストーリー

Kaz and Yuka Morihata first met as undergraduates at the Rhode Island School of Design before going on to work for a number of design and architecture firms - first in New York City, then in Tokyo, the couple's hometown.

Upon returning to Japan, Yuka rediscovered a longstanding appreciation for the detailed, high-quality craftsmanship she had grown up with but which was something of a rarity in the U.S. To meet that need, she and Kaz founded Rikumo with the aim of introducing the work of contemporary Japanese artisans to a wider audience.

Every year, the couple returns to Japan to select thoughtful products that evoke the innate nobility, grace, and tactile sensibilities of modern Japanese goods. From the vintage looms of Imabari to the storied tea fields of Kirishima, our collections are sourced from regions throughout Japan where craftsmanship has long been integral to the concepts of identity, history and culture.



Concept Store  |  コンセプトストアー

In the years since we opened our first brick-and-mortar location in Philadelphia’s Callowhill neighborhood, the Rikumo concept store has moved twice: once to a spacious property on Walnut Street in Center City, and then to Ardmore, an idyllic town in the stretch of suburbs outside Philadelphia known the Main Line.

Nestled on tree-lined Lancaster Ave. right around the corner from the Suburban Square shopping plaza (one of the nation’s oldest), the Rikumo concept store serves as a meditative space in which Japan-made wares are thoughtfully arrayed - part showroom, part gallery. Our knowledgeable staff serves samples of tea and answers to any questions you may have about our diverse array of products.

Experience firsthand the elegance of Japanese design through curated displays and thoughtful customer service, promoting a lifestyle grounded in honest simplicity, beautiful craftsmanship and impeccable quality.

Customer Support  |  カスタマーサービス

When you shop at Rikumo.com, we want it to be with confidence.

Know that every order is treated with the utmost consideration by our team as they promptly and carefully pick, wrap, box and ship each item. To help ensure that your package arrives safe and sound, we work with well-regarded partners to offer a variety of shipping options, including fast, reliable international shipping with DHL and optional package protection through Route.

In the event of an issue, our knowledgable support staff is available six days a week to answer questions about our products and address any concerns you may have. Contact us via email at info@rikumo.com or by phone at (215) 609-4972 to reach a team member anytime during our normal business hours.

Sustainability  |  サステイナビリティー

Like many of the brands we carry, our company is committed to sustainable practices.

As part of this commitment, we have changed the packaging on all Morihata-branded products to a plastic-free, entirely recyclable version. Our staff also consistently shreds and repurposes cardboard and other shipping supplies to create eco-friendly packing materials and minimize waste.

We continue to work toward a smaller carbon footprint for both our wholesale and retail businesses, and we invite other brands to join us in this effort.

Wholesale  |  企業様お取引き

The wholesale wing of Rikumo, Morihata International Ltd. Co., provides many of our most popular products - from bestselling towel lines to distinctive paper incense - to retailers around the world.

Visit Morihata.com to browse our wholesale offerings, and request an account if you'd like to stock our unique Japan-made wares.