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From the hearts and minds of devoted Japanese artisans, our balanced collection of home decor and functional interior elements inspire harmony and stability. Filled with authentic works and useful items that exude timeless quality, our passion for Japanese culture is accentuated by modern finds that change the way time inside is enjoyed.

Exclusively sourced by hand in Japan, each unique work at Rikumo stems from our relationships with hard working artisans, potters, metalsmiths, and creatives who mirror our passion for useful beauty. Far beyond the minimalist aesthetics, we believe that the right home decor elements have the power to ease daily life, enrich mood, and serve as a tangible reminder to practice gratitude for the simple pleasures in life.

Shop for Traditional Japanese Home Decor

The best way to explore our diverse and award-winning selection at Rikumo? We invite you to visit our Japanese store near King of Prussia, PA. Enjoy a delightful organic tea with us, learn more about the culture behind our creative gifts, and discover an endless source of inspiration for your kitchen, bath, dining, and living spaces. Together, we can help you create a welcoming aesthetic or soothing energy that is exclusive to your space.

Centuries of Japanese design culture and crafting excellence fill our shop. At first glance, simplicity and subtle tones characterize many of our unique items; discover superior material quality, creative touches, and multipurpose elements that transform basic objects into dependable items that you will come to rely on every day.

Contemporary Pieces That Reflect the Essence of Japanese Craftsmanship

From our luxuriously-soft bath mats and towels to eye-catching decor upgrades for every table, display cabinet, and wall, our expansive selection near King of Prussia, PA covers all realms of modern interior design. 

To begin, we recommend building your new-and-improved interior collection around Japanese home decor elements that offer multipurpose value, such as: 

  • Handwoven rugs and cushion covers brighten the energy and establish a welcoming tone in your living spaces.
  • A stylish and useful tableware design; our modernized selection of Japanese ceramic plates, bowls, glasses, utensils, and teawares elevate the interior aesthetic and serve as a beautifully-functional foundation for every meal. 
  • Geometric vases and creative tabletop accessories complete the theme with a personal twist. Replace clutter with a single decor piece or two to make a bold room statement that flows with your individuality. 
  • Accent towels and self-care essentials complement interior energy and treat yourself to a touch of spa-like softness each day. Our handcrafted selection of nature-inspired bath and kitchen accessories come in many shades and styles for a refreshing update that also offers limitless purpose. 

We regularly update our collection with new local finds. Always sourced from the finest craftspeople and workshops in Japan, you can expect to find an evolving variety of practical, elegant, and one-of-a-kind updates to inspire your interiors every time you visit.

Start Shopping at Rikumo Near King of Prussia, PA Today!

Even if you are unable to visit our welcoming store near King of Prussia, PA, our guests always receive attentive and hospitable care at Rikumo. Get in touch with our friendly team online and learn more about our authentic decor, cookware, and the many unique Japanese exclusives available at Rikumo.

After finding the perfect items for your home or a gift, we invite you to sign up for The Rikumo Rewards Circle before you check out! Receive a discount on your first order, valuable store credits with each purchase, and learn about our newest releases as soon as they become available. 

Excited to sample our delightful teas and learn more about our precious Japanese goods? Visit our Japanese store in Ardmore, PA, and start collaborating with our helpful design experts today!